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Welcome to The Refraction of Princess Chroma

A dark force is turning Earth grey and tearing apart reality as we know it. Monsters known only as Monochromes run rampant. Can anything stop this madness? Enter violent schoolgirl and newly-appointed Magical Girl, June Summer. Armed with disgustingly cute powers and supported by her friends, frenemies, and a disgruntled knight-turned-rabbit mentor, June will battle monsters and strive to restore color to the world. Little does she know that world-saving is a messy, ridiculous business. Anything can happen...and anything can go wrong. Will June learn to take her heroic responsibilities seriously, or have the forces of good put their trust in the wrong person?

February 9th, 2014, 5:26 pm

New mirror site!

Princess Chroma is now available to read on ComicFury . Don't worry, the comic will still update here on SmackJeeves every Wednesday at noon. I'm simply making a mirror site as a precaution, in case one site or the other experiences technical issues, and to hopefully get a little more exposure for the comic.

September 28th, 2012, 12:15 am

Critique? You bet I'm open to it!

I'm still pluggin' away, but I haven't received much feedback these days. I'm just throwing out a friendly request to anybody reading my work--if you have suggestions on how I could do better, I'd love to hear it! I plan to write webcomics for quite some time, so improvement is high on my priority list. So...what do you fine people think?

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